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"I believe that trying to save the commercial relationship behind any contract or arrangement is paramount should issues arise.   it is important to explore every alternative to a messy, bitter divorce.  I work to help both sides to re-establish constructive dialogue, mutual respect and understanding, I look for win-win outcomes and should it be necessary, I will metaphorically crack heads together.  The Covid-19 pandemic is straining many commercial relationships that previously looked rock steady.  If it is affecting yours please do get in touch." Stephen Townley   

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Resolving and, even more importantly, avoiding disputes & conflicts are real passions for Stephen.  Using his hard-earned reputation as an expert in sport, entertainment & technology, his professional qualifications as an arbitrator & mediator and his charms, Stephen works across the globe as a trusted intermediary to provide "marriage guidance" for commercial relationships or to help deescalate conflict and come to workable lasting solutions or to give expert determinations that both sides agree to respect. 


Through his appointments with WIPO, CAS, SIMC and JAMS Stephen has access to the best of breed ADR resolution procedures worldwide.  

If you would like to talk to Stephen about his Neutral Resolver services please contact him.

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