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"When I left Hawker Siddeley in 1975 to join a new company, West Nally, in the brand new Sports Marketing sector, little did I know what a good career move it would be.  I did my own bit of pioneering with Townleys, building the first dedicated Sports Law firm outside of the US.  From the late 90’s with Caroline, as ARM (Active Rights Management) we blazed a trail through the 00's anticipating correctly the impact of technology, new media, data, betting, online piracy, fans communication & venue development on sport and entertainment.  It has been and remains such fun because of those I have met along the way.  As they say it is not what you know but who!" Stephen Townley   

Advice and help to friends
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Stephen has been most fortunate to work alongside the best professionals, business leaders and creative minds in the Sport, Entertainment & Technology sectors, many of whom he continues to help at key points in their business and personal lives or in those of friends they recommended reach out to him.


His services include acting for those selling a business, providing strategic business advice, career guidance, making connections or just being a sounding board.  While this aspect of his work is rarely very lucrative, it is deeply rewarding to still be considered the “go to” advisor by so many greats.  


Stephen and Caroline still undertake a few special cutting edge rights based projects and ventures.  It is hard to give up this habit, especially if done in partnership with a new generation of energetic talent.  

If you would like to talk to Stephen about his Strategic Counsel services please contact him.

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